Architects & Interior Designers


Design Cell is a creative design studio providing architectural planning, urban design and interior design services for clients across the sectors of residential, hospitality, office, and integrated mixed-use developments.

Our commitment is to create unique and memorable destinations with a concept driven thematic approach that enhance their surroundings and improve the lives of those who inhabit and move through them every day.

Experience, collective expertise and global exposure for over a quarter of a century enables us to address complex challenges in a smooth and efficient manner and has helped us complete 231 projects, consistently exceeding expectations.



Our domain expertise, awareness of the practices and methods used in the  international industry and knowledge of international trends in materials and design allow our team to convert creative concepts into visually attractive and environmentally harmonious designs. Our team is made up of

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Interior Designers
  • MEP Consultants
  • Landscapers
  • 3D Experts



Design Cell provides a diverse range of architectural services and solutions from project planning and designing to solution-based management for both commercial & residential developments, including high rise projects & condominiums, hotels & resorts, high-end villas & stand-alone residences. Design Cell also specializes in Master Planning for urban spaces & townships.

Architectural Services

  • Site and location review
  • Conceptualization, space planning and landscaping  
  • Sustainable design development
  • Coordination and review by engineers and consultants

Interior Design Services

  • Space planning including concepts for common areas
  • Interior layout planning and harmonizing with overall architecture
  • Selection and design of furniture, fixtures and accessories
  • Coordination and review by engineers and consultants