Architects & Interior Designers


Building environments of lasting value - that is at the core of our design philosophy. We believe that good design is fundamental to all architecture, no matter how large or modest the project. Our ultimate desire is to create places that are appreciated by those who use them.

Aesthetics, Functions and Economics are all fundamental design factors followed during the execution of a project. Appropriate balance of all these factors is what Design Cell strives to achieve.

We are deeply responsive to need, material, and to a building's cultural, historical, and physical environment. We take our clients as collaborative partners and believe that they determine direction and success.


We manage our entire designing efforts through several distinct phases or processes

Requirements Analysis

Through intensive client interaction, we analyze their needs including physical and functional requirements, client preferences with respect to material, styling and vastu considerations, financial budgets and time frame.

Concept Creation

Our team holds several brainstorming sessions to evolve a concept driven theme that will guide our designing efforts. During the process we consider factors such as shape & orientation of the plot, optimization of space, lighting and ventilation needs and design harmony between landscapes, exteriors and interiors.

Material Selection

Keeping in mind the budget and aesthetics, we arrive at decisions regarding material to be used for landscapes, exteriors and interiors. These decisions are based on the underlying design concept and client preferences.